Going to church, reading your bible spending time in prayer and meditation are all food for the spirit. These are equivalent to eating to sustain our bodies. They are things God expects us to do for ourselves. In the end we will not be judged by these things, the members of the church will be judged by the things they do outside of their spiritual hygiene.

When you saw your brother or sister stumbling in sin did you speak to them about it? The book of Ezekiel speaks about God’s judgement against the church. It talks about desecration, abomination, and idols being set up in the temple. It says the church is not living according to the ways of God but according to the ways of the world. Like water and oil these two ways do not mix.

Spiritual hygiene is our own personal responsibility. We go to church, pray, spend time in the word to feed and wash ourselves spiritually. We won;t be judged by these things. Like lack of personally hygiene lack of spiritual hygiene will only make you stink. What we will be judged for is standing silently by as we watch our brothers and sisters fall into condemnation. We are not to remain silent. It is silence that will condemn us.